You&Me Morgane

Spectacle – Le 14/02/2024 – À 19H30

You&Me: improved romantic comedy

Come and enjoy a fully improvised show in the style of a romantic comedy!
It will be played in English by two improvisers and a musician.
We don’t know what is going to happen… We just know it will be about Loooveee. And that we will make you laugh. Or cry. Or both!
This show is about being in a couple for a very long time and all the stuff a couple can go trough: happy moments, sad moments, angriness, craziness… Love! Life! Love life! The two actors will jump from a moment to another of a couple life. They love each other. And sometimes they hate each other. For sure, they cannot live one without the other…

Reservation needed by email

Le Local
3 rue de l’Abreuvoir
67000 Strasbourg

mercredi 14 février 19:30

Alicja Dobrowolna (PL) and Dan Seyfried (FR) are experienced improvisers who love to play shows full of emotions, stories and craziness. They played this show multiple times at international festivals all over the world. They will play in Strasbourg for the first time as a duo!

Last but not least a musician: Pierre Haessler (FR) will improvise with them and add some magic to the story.


7 €
Paid by cash only at the place before the show


Reservation needed


Le Local
3 rue de l’Abreuvoir
67000 Strasbourg